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We're your college pizza headquarters.
Here at Wise Guys, we know what it's like to be a college student.  Late-night cramming or finishing up that paper always seems to be a little happier with some good pizza.  We stay open later than any other pizza store in Columbia in order to feed you when you need it most.  And since college is expensive, we've engineered the absolute best deals around to keep more cash in your wallet.  Whether you go to Mizzou, Stephens, or Columbia, we're here to provide you with the best pizza for the lowest cost...period.

Wise Guys Dorm and Greek Delivery Tips
*For deliveries to campus or Greek houses, our drivers will always call before leaving the store to confirm your order and give you time to meet the driver at the door.  Please stay near your phone so that we may reach you.  If your driver cannot reach you by phone prior to delivery, he/she may assume that you did not place the order and will not deliver.

*If you're calling from a dorm or a Greek house, we must have your dorm number or Greek house number to take your order.  If you have a different phone number (cell phone, friend's room, etc...) you'd like us to call before we deliver, we will be more than happy to do so--just let us know when you call.

*By law, we may not enter private residences (such as dorms or Greek houses) without an invitation.  For this reason we ask that you meet your driver at the door to your dorm or Greek house.

*ATTENTION GREEK HOUSES:  If you fail to answer your phone or otherwise accept your order after it has been placed, this will result in one "strike."  After three strikes in one semester, we will suspend delivery to your house until the beginning of the next semester.

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