We mean delivery.

Wise Guys has one of the largest delivery areas of any pizza store in Columbia, and we're serious when it comes to delivering your meal to your door.  On this page you can view our approximate delivery area, view some common frequently-asked questions related to pizza delivery, and read some tips from the Wise Guys to help maximize your pizza delivery experience.

We do accept any advertised coupons but, Coupons must be presented to the delivery driver in order to recieve advertised discounts!

Our delivery area

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  • There is a $1.50 per order delivery charge.
  • The Wise Guy that takes your order will be able to tell you more precisely if your address is within our radius or not.
  • By default, our order-to-delivery time is 45 minutes. If it's particularly busy (i.e. during MU athletic or social events), or if it's raining or snowing, our delivery time may increase. The Wise Guy who takes your order will give you a more approximate time when you call.
Delivery Area
Non-Delivery Area
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Frequently-Asked Questions

Paying with a check
Can I pay with a check?

Yes! We are happy to accept checks, but we do ask that your check displays the following information: Name, Address, Phone Number, and Driver's License or SSN number. If you choose not to provide this information, we may not be able to accept your check. Additionally, we may only accept checks from the state of Missouri.

If I pay with a check, should I still tip in cash?

If you'd like. You can also write the tip into the total on the check and your driver will receive it at the end of the night.

Paying with credit
Can I pay with a credit card?

Wise Guys accepts Visa or Mastercard, including debit cards which use a Visa or MC network.  To pay with a card we must have your number before the order is complete; our drivers are not equipped to accept credit cards at your door.

If I pay with a credit card, should I still tip in cash?

If you'd like. There is also a field on the credit card form for a tip. You can write your tip in on this line and charge the tip to your card.

FOR YOUR OWN SECURITY, OUR DRIVERS WILL ALWAYS ASK YOU TO FILL IN ALL THE FIELDS OF THE CREDIT RECIEPT. Even if you tip your driver in cash, please write "0.00" or mark through the tip field on your credit receipt.

Can I change my order to credit after the order has been placed?

It depends.  If you call the store before your food has left with a driver, we can accept your card and print a credit receipt.  If your food has already left the store, however, we are unable to change the order type to credit.  You may still pay with cash or a check.

Delivery Tips from the Wise Guys
Here at Wise Guys, we want to get your food from our store to your door as quickly as possible.  With that in mind, here are a couple of tips from our veteran delivery drivers that will aid us in getting to you that much quicker:
  • If you have a porch light, turn it on.  If address numbers are hard to read or obscured by strange lighting, a porch light can make all the difference in finding a tricky address.
  • If the way to your house is non-intuitive, or if there are any landmarks that signal your house is coming up ("right after the big hill, on the right hand side, with a blue porch light")  let the Wise Guy taking your order know.  We'll put a note on the order slip so your driver can find you quicker.
  • If you are ordering from a place of business, just let us know the name.  Often, businesses' addresses are hard to read from the street (especially at night) and it's much easier to just look for the giant sign outside.
  • Make sure the phone number you provide us will allow us to reach your address.  For example, if you're calling from a friend's house, give us your friend's home phone number, not your home phone number.  Cell phone numbers work too, but if you provide a cell phone number, please keep it with you and turned on.  Basically, if we have trouble finding your address, we need to be able to contact you so we can get your food to you quicker.  It's usually better to describe your address / give directions the first time you call...while most of the Wise Guys have cell phones and can call you from the road, some do not.